Not a member? Where else can you go to receive constant support in the field of marketing education, realistic and usable resources to use immediately, up-to-date training opportunitites, as well as a network of friends to count on.


Joining GMEA is simple! Just click HERE to go directly to ACTE's Online Membership processing page. You can join, renew or update your information all in the same place.  Joining on the ACTE's website will allow you to pay for ACTE, GACTE and GMEA. Make sure that you select "Marketing Education" on step #4 to join GMEA. 


Additionally, if you teach additional clusters outside of marketing, you can become members of those divisions as well (i.e. business, WBL...etc.) However, each additional division that you choose will cost $15.


We look forward to you becoming a part of our family!

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